Friday, 2 June 2017

A memorable car Journey with my dad

I am definitely my fathers daughter. We are two peas in a pod. Looks and personality wise. This isn't always a good thing as it means we clash terribly when it comes to arguments! Anyone else like this?
As it is coming up to Father's Day I was asked if I would like to talk about my dad and write about a favourite car journey I've had with him. I love looking back down memory lane and sharing parts of my life with you guys so thought it would be a cute little post.

Now, I'm not as close to my dad as I am with my mum. We don't spend that much daddy and daughter time together (unless playing the PS4 counts which we do a lot). So I actually found it hard to think of a memorable car journey. That wasn't until I remembered this one!

So I'm taking you back to the year 2014. I had recently passed my driving test and was only used to driving a small corsa sxi manual. My dad was driving back from dropping my sister at the airport with me as a passenger and suddenly my dads leg went. He started to get shootings pains in his leg and keeping his foot on the accelerator was causing him to much pain. We luckily hit traffic and he turns to me and goes 'you have to drive the rest of the way'. Erm what?! They own this massive car that's an automatic. To say I was pooping my pants was an understatement. 

So there I am in the drivers seat, in traffic and I'm like 'dad the car isn't moving why isn't it working!?' I'm hitting the accelerator, we're laughing and shouting at each other, the guy in the car next to us is laughing at us and I realise, silly me has got the my foot on the break! I'm so used to having a foot on the clutch pedal to change that my poor left leg had no idea where to go so it's sitting on the break *eye rolls*. The driver next to us is pissing himself now btw! 

We made it back safe and sound but we did have a good laugh about it. We always end up in awkward situations like this. Although me and my dad bicker a lot and we are both short tempered, we do have a good laugh and it's silly things like that which we always look back on and smile.

I wouldn't change my dad in the world, regardless of how much he annoys me.

This post was part of the Thanks Dad campaign with The Car People. You can check out other bloggers memorable journeys with their dads!


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