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Underrated Childhood Movies

There's nothing I enjoy more than watching childhood movies. I am currently collecting all my favourite films again and noticed some deserved a lot more hype than they received. I don't actually know if these are underrated but whenever I talk about them with friends or hear children speak about films they've watched these never get mentioned. Of course I love the usual ones like Toy Story, Shrek and Beauty and the Beast but I feel these are good too.

The Brave Little Toaster, 1987

Items that live in a holiday home have been waiting patiently for their young master to return. Years go by and they decide to go to him instead. While on their journey they find themselves in plenty of peril!

One of Disney's lesser known films. After re watching this I realised how many hidden meaning there are that I missed as a child like how technology has changed and we have forgotten about things we once loved. 
This films reminds me a tad of Toy story in the sense of they are objects that love their master and go finding him and have very likeable characters.

The Quest of Camelot, 1998

King Arthur's sword Excalibur has been stolen and lost in the Enchanted Forest. Kayley, whose dad is a Knight of the Round Table, decided to go find the sword and makes some friends along the way. Time is ticking in who finds Excalibur first as Sir Ruber also wants to find the sword so he can take over Camelot.

I hate the bad reviews this film has received. Yes it isn't Disney or Pixar quality but we can't keep comparing every animated film to them. This film is amazing in its own way. I personally love the soundtracks to this film. My favourite song is 'on my fathers wings'. It's a musical film of course there's going to be a lot of singing! Has very silly but humours scenes and isn't your typical 'Prince and Princess' love story.

Sorry not sorry about my mini rant.

An American Tail & Fievel goes West, 1986 & 1991

Fievel Mousekewitz and his family set off to America to get away from the cats in Russia. Fievel loses his family in the process and tries finding them while trying to not lose hope. 

I used to watch the tv series of this which I believe used to be on CITV. The movies did not disappoint either. I love how in the first one when the children are singing that they don't hit all the notes properly. Better than all that fake auto tune you hear nowadays. Great story line, very heart whelming without skipping on the danger.

DO NOT WATCH THE 3RD I REPEAT DO NOT WATCH THE 3RD. I watched this one after buying the box set and it is terrible just utterly terrible. Don't ruin the first 2 by watching this.

The Land Before Time, 1988

5 young dinosaurs set off trying to find the Great Valley alone due to being separated from their families. Learning that working together will be the only way they can make it to the Great Valley they tackle the many obstacles that face them.

I became obsessed with The Land Before Time film series but the 1st one has always been my favourite. I cried at this film when I was a child I still cry at this film now.Their journey is filled with various emotions that people from all ages will feel (unless you have a heart of stone!).

The Swan Princess, 1994

Hating each other as children, loving each other as adults. Prince Derek has a chance to prove his love to Princess Odette when she gets attacked and taken by Lord Rathbart. Odette also need to find Derek in time otherwise she will be cursed forever.

I had to add at least one princess film to this list. This film is predictable but I still love it. The songs are good and catchy and there are humours scenes too. My sister and I still use random quotes from this film to one another.

I feel that you need to watch these films instead of relying on reviews to see the wonderfulness of them all. Ok Jasmine calm down with the cringe.

Please let me know any of your childhood films you loved so I can purchase? You can never own to many animation films.
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