Monday, 25 July 2016

My Evening Skincare Routine

I only recently started to take my skin care seriously. About a year ago in fact. I would just use a face wipe, face wash and that was it. Tbh I found it a chore to do at night. All I wanted to do was go to sleep I didn't want to do a million steps on skincare beforehand. Now I actually enjoy when evening comes so I can do my little routine that I am now happy with.

First thing is to remove my makeup. I use two products for this depending on what mood I'm in. The golden oldie is Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water. I think everyone and their dog seems to use this stuff and I can see why, This is maybe my 5th bottle? Just pop some onto a cotton pad and wipe away, It removes my makeup so well and doesn't irritate my skin. A recently new product I have been testing is Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil. I've never used an oil before to remove my makeup and thought for £3 I may as well give it a try as I love the Vitamin E range anyways. I've used this for a few weeks now and loving it. It removes my makeup nicely without any tugging. Sometimes instead of using as a makeup remover I was use this as a moisteriser and my skin the next morning looks glowing. The smell does remind me of sun cream though but it doesn't bother me.I actually like it haha.

Next step, the bathroom to cleanse the skin. I've been switching between two cleanser as I don't want my skin to get used to one cleanser and stop working. I usually switch every two days. One of the cleansers is Soap & Glory The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think hot cloth cleansing is definitely my favourite way to cleanse. I'll use this on dry skin, rubbing the product into my face for about 2 minutes and then using a hot cloth to remove. This feel like such a luxury on my skin and I can see a difference straight away, If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the Liz Earle cleanse and polish cleanser I would suggest giving this a go. Next cleanser is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore Shine Daily Wash. I wanted something to control my oiliness. After using this for a few week I feel like I haven't really seen an improvement. It smells great and my skin feels clean after using it but for the main reason I bought this I don't think it has helped.

Once my skin is now squeaky clean I focus on my spots. For this I use one of my holy grails 
Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Pads. Honestly, when I don't use this my skin turns into a nightmare. I used to believe I never got breakouts until I stopped using this and realised shit my skin can actually get pretty bad! I just wipe this all over my face paying extra attention to my spots and the next day they have died down in redness/size or gone completely. If I had to live with only one of these products I've mentioned in this post it would be this one. 

Now it's time to tone and moisterise. Pixi Glow Tonic has helped my skin for the better. I know it's a product that has been highly rating throughout the blogging world and you're prob bored hearing about it but I will tell you why it has helped me. Around the sides of my nose I had really bad redness (notice how I said had). It was the main reason I didn't feel comfortable wearing a bare face in public. Since using this my redness has died down so much I barely notice it. I'm so grateful I tried this and will be in my routine for a long time. Now, for moisteriser I'm going to be totally honest with you, I don't really see much of a difference. I don't have wrinkles and the reason I moisterise is to keep them away as long as I can. I mean there's no point in starting moistering once you have wrinkles. For eyes I've been using Nip Fab Bee Sting Fix Eye. If you are allergic to bee stings then do not use this product. It claims to help with dark circles however I haven't seen much of a difference. But I have noticed that my eyes are less puffy in the morning. For my face I use  Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream. I love this night cream. When I wake up my skin looks healthy and hydrated, not oily. The only downside is it takes forever to sink into my skin. 

The extras 
There are a few products that I don't use everyday however I do use once or twice a week at night. Every Wednesday and Saturday I use my Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. It's great for a light exfoliate, to help with acne scars and brightening your skin. For a full review check my post here. On Sundays I use my Pixi Overnight Glow Serum. I love how this makes my skin glowly, healthy and bright all in one. I spoke more about it in my monthly favourites. Lastly I love a face mask. I think out of every skincare product out there, face masks are my weakness. I can't help but buy them. There's just so many different kinds to help with just about everything. One I am currently using and loving is Mud Therapy Aloe Vera Deep Cleanings Mud Mask. This was actually one of my first face masks I bought but I can't seem to find it anymore in Superdrug! Gutted really as I love this mask.Whenever my skin is feeling sensitive or irritated I will use this.It soothes my skin ready for the next day.

What's your favourite product to use in your evening skin care routine?


  1. I use the Garnier miscellaneous water too, because like you say, who doesn't? But I hadn't heard of the tea tree cleansing pads before. I might have to go pick some up because I always feel so much better with clear skin yet I can't seen to stop them popping up here and there!

    Cathy |

    1. It has defo helped me with my spots. And they're like £3 so if it doesn't work for your skin at least you didn't break the bank! x

  2. The tea tree facial pads is a product I definitely need in my life right now! I always like to use tea tree oil which helps out with my spots :)
    Kathy x

    1. It's the only tea tree product I use. I want to get a body wash one as I have trouble with spots on my back. TMI I know haha x

  3. WOW! I need to step my game up! Lol

    Lipstick Villain

    1. I thought mine was basic compared to some haha! x

    2. I thought mine was basic compared to some haha! x


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