Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Foodie Festival - Blackheath

First things first, I want to apologies for the lack of photos and also the quality of photos in this post. You see I started off that I wasn't going to blog at this event. I was just enjoying spending some time with my mum and eating good food. But then I realised I go to Foodie Festival every year and have such a great time I really should tell you guys about it.

Now that that's been said on to the post.

Like I said I have been going to these with my mum for the past 3 maybe 4 years and every year it gets better. If you are not sure exactly what a foodie festival is, basically there are loads of pop up stalls with different types of food, drink and entertainment. Food ranges from burgers, cakes, pasta, pizza, sushi. If you are a fussy eater don't worry you will find something! But if you are unsure about buying they do loads of tasters. 

Price range I would say it's the same as what you would expect up London. For example a cheese burger and chips was £6, a pint of mojito cocktail was £5, bubble tea was £3 and a brownies was £2. Reasonably price I would say as you are getting fresh, quality food. 

Apart from eating and drinking there is other stuff to do throughout the day. They have live cooking shows by celeb chefs, cooking classes, wine tasting and live music. If you have little ones there is also things for them to do like face painting, a mini play area and cake decorating.

If you want to buy something to take home or for a gift for someone the best time is an hour before closing time. That's when the best deals are about! We got 3 full packs of ravioli (which is the best ravioli I've had btw) for £5! And a box of 6 brownies that would of been £10 but we got it for £5. I do love a bargain.

There is still tickets available in certain areas. If it's in your area I really recommend going for the day. Bring the family, go as a couple or get a group of friends. Regardless who you are with you will have a laugh! And if it's not on in your area then keep an eye out next year. You won't be disappointed. Promise.  


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