Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A dry makeup brush cleaner?!

Admit it. You have a favourite eyeshadow brush that you reach for more than the others. I know I do. Now imagine you can switch the colour of the shadow and still use the same brush! Life would be that little bit better wouldn't it?
You've probably seen this beauty of a product flying around the blogging world. It's called Shadow Switch* and it's from the brand Beauty Essentials.

Shadow Switch* is a dry makeup brush cleaner. Basically, once you have used a brush, instead of mixing shadows together you can use this brush cleaner and the product will be removed from the brush and you're ready to carry on using. I've seen other bloggers talk about and use Shadow Switch* however unless I try it out for myself I don't know if I actually believe it works. For all I know everybody is just lying to me. Paranoid much Jasmine?

I was lucky enough to receive this dry brush cleaner from Beauty Essentials so I could test it out myself. I can confirm that yes it is dry and doesn't smell of chemicals, well actually it doesn't smell of anything!

I thought I would use the darkest shadow I have, black. I smothered my brush in the shadow and swiped it on my arm I few times. Now to see if Shadow Switch* really does clean your brush.

I moved my brush in a circular movement in the tin and then swatched my arm. Did it work Jasmine I hear you say. You know I would never lie to your guys right?

Well, the shadow did in fact come off my brush apart from the tiniest bit that I don't think even shows up in the photo. If I moved it around a bit longer I'm sure all the shadow would of been removed. It doesn't remove the colour stain on the brush but you'll need to deep cleanse your brush for that.

I have to say I am seriously impressed with this. I think it is the perfect tool, especially when going on holiday. Imagine the room you will save in your suitcase on brushes which means more space for holiday shopping!

You can buy Shadow Switch* on amazon for less than £6! The packing is changing so here are some pictures of the new packaging so you know what to keep an eye out for.



  1. This is amazing, never thought a dry makeup cleaner would work so well, thanks for sharing!

    1. I never thought so too but it's such a handy tool to have x

  2. Woah, I have never seen this before but it does sound really interesting and intriguing.Have a lovely Weekend :)

    1. I hadn't either but it's actually a great took to have if you haven't got it already! x

  3. This looks amazing. I really need this in my life. Great post Jasmine.

    Ash |

    1. It's defo helped my life when it comes to doing eyeshadow! x


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