Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ways I'm trying to be a better person

There is always something you can change about yourself. No one is perfect. Sometimes it is actually hard to admit to ourselves that we need to change areas in our personality. I recently took a step back and looked at myself from other peoples eyes. I also listened to what others were saying about me instead of ignoring and staying in denial. I realised yeah there is a few things I could change for the better that would help not only myself but my relationship with others in my life too.

Not every action needs a reaction
I knee jerk which means I react without thinking. This is my worst habit I have. I will react (badly) to something minor or without actually knowing all the facts. At times I can even become aggressive and spiteful. Once I've cooled down I'll sit and think about the situation and I usually feel guilty because I could of handled it better and usually there wasn't any need to let it escalate. What I do now is just step away from the situation. Even if that means turning off my phone. Just being away and letting myself calm down has helped a lot. Something as simple as just breathing and just looking at whatever is causing me to knee jerk from someone else point of view has stopped many unneeded arguments.

Let go of your pride
My pride is forever high. Oh and so is my stubbornness. And I always have to be right and get the last word in. Even if it is something stupid as a smiley face emoji. I'm pathetic I know. This has caused again arguments that if I had just said sorry instead of carrying on an argument could of saved hassle and even relationships. There are friendships that I have lost due to my pride being to high to just say 'I miss you'. I sit back and expect people to message me first, to arrange plans with me but why? Where is that really going to get me? I've started to message old friends and build a relationship up again. I've also tried to stop being stubborn. my tantrums last maybe 5 mins now instead of a whole day! And to me that a big achievement. 

Stop moaning and start doing
I moan a lot. I moan that I'm getting fat. I moan that I never do anything. I moan that I don't look like the girls on Instagram. And lets face it, no one liked a moaner! Me moaning is not going to change any of that. I'm still going to be fat, boring and unfabulous. I've downloaded a bunch of 30 day challenge apps and I've actually stuck to them. Haven't seen much of a difference yet but it's still early days. Like I mentioned previously I've been contacting old friends and arranging to do stuff with them. Same as with my boyfriend been trying to get out more instead of our usual sit indoors and live off crap. And regarding the Instagram girls, well the only thing I want is to always look fab. To always dress nice regarding where I am going. If I could actually walk in heels I want to be one of those girls but I guess I need to learn how first!

Is there anything about yourself that you are trying to change for the better?

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