Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bedside Essentials

The items I keep on my bedside table just shows how lazy and forgetful I am majority of the time. (psst my bedside table doesn't always look this clean. It's usually covered with empty cups and plates. Again my lazy side).

Notebook (Happy Jackson Random Crap Notebook)
Any other bloggers/youtubers out there that get sudden brainwaves of ideas while laying in bed? I could be exhausted but then my brain will be like 'hey this would make a good post' and I have to write it down before I forget it in the morning. I will also suddenly remember something I will need to do in the morning so having a notebook within arms reach is pretty useful to me.

Sometimes I really can't be bothered to go through my whole evening skincare routine and I just want to get majority of my makeup off. Youno so I feel a tad better about myself and a little less gross. Also, when I'm drunk who has the time (or eyesight) to do it all! This is the first time trying out Nivea makeup wipes and I have to say I'm really impressed. They don't dry out quickly which is the one thing I hate about majority of the makeup wipes out there.

Again this is something else I keep next to me for those lazy nights. Tbh I couldn't tell you if this product is amazing or not because I don't have any wrinkles but I know people bang on about how important it is to use day/night creams on your face to prevent them for as long as possible. However, this doesn't irritate my skin or break my out and sinks in quickly so that's good enough for me for the moment.

Pillow Spray (ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
I got this as a Christmas present as I wanted something to help me sleep as I was struggling. I need to get the balance of how far away from the pillow and how my sprays is needed. Some nights the smell makes me feel sick and other times I barely notice it! Just takes practice I guess haha. Has it helped with my sleep? Not really tbh but I have been forgetting to use it recently.

I love the cover my lips in balm at night so I know it can really work on my lips without having to focus on anything else (like the wind if I'm outside). I have raved so much about Dr Paw Paw already. I have really noticed a different in my lips since using this balm. It doesn't feel greasy unlike other balms I've tried.

Jewellery (Cards Galore)
I don't know why it took me so long to buy one of these. Before I would just take my jewellery off and put it on the side. Of course this meant that I would lose ear rings because they would roll off or when I would put something onto the table they would knock off. 

So that is everything I keep on my bedside table. Are you like me and keep most of the stuff on the side because your lazy? Or are you a lot more organised than me? haha. 

What do you keep on your bedside table?

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