Monday, 30 April 2018

PrettyLittleThing Swimwear Haul


Bikini season is making its way to us. Am I bikini body ready? No! Am I even trying to get that 'insta body'? Also no. Recently swimwear has been the only thing I am interested in. I feel like a good swimwear is like a good underwear set and can make you feel completely confident even if you haven't got the body you hoped (but girl seriously get those thoughts out of your head your body is perfect). 
PrettyLittleThing contacted me and asked if I wanted to pick some swimwear items from their holiday range. They have some gorgeous pieces in at the moment and I couldn't resist picking some outfits for you and telling you what I thought about them.

Outfit 1

black bikini set

black bikini set with mesh black dress

Thoughts - I am in love with the dress. I think it is so cute to throw on. When wearing it I felt glam and I love the ring detail at the front. The bottoms fitted fine. True to size. However I found the bikini top difficult to put on by myself. Reason being is the triangle parts actually move up and down the string. Once on however it was fine.

Outfit 2

pink and white bikini set

pink and white bikini set with mesh white dress

Thoughts - I've got itty bitty titties and that's why I wanted to try up the push up bikini to see if they really do push up. As you can see they are barely pushed up. The design is cute however so I'm not mad and will wear this but I just wouldn't class it as push up. Also size up as the top was seriously tight on me. The dress is the perfect throw over for during the day when you are ready for your all inclusive lunch but the hotel is fussy and won't allow you to wear just a bikini. When the dress arrives you do have to do the ties yourself.

Outfit 3

red swimsuit

Red swimsuit with white trousers

Thoughts - I wanted a 'baywatch' looking swimsuit as I love the look of them. As you can see this rises very high in the front and back. Lets just say I was defo flossing at the back! The straps are adjustable luckily as the scoop at the front was way to low when first trying on. I would defo size up with this swimsuit as it was slightly to tight for my comfort however it did make me feel sexy! I'm 5ft2 and the trousers did drag on the floor but not so much that I would be tripping over. These are a perfect staple to have for holiday as they go with anything.

Outfit 4

white bikini set

white bikini set with red skirt

Thoughts - Ok this is my favourite outfit out of them all. Although simple I loved how it turned out. Everything was true to size. To be honest I probably could of sized down on the skirt as you can tie it at the side. Just like the trousers it did drag on the floor but was manageable. 

There was so many other pieces from their holiday range that I wanted and will defo be spending some pennies on payday! I now need to book some holidays so I can wear these beauties out! Anyone want to book a holiday with me?

I also done a try on haul if you fancy checking that out (and subscribing to my channel youno if you want to).

The above items were sent to me by PrettyLittleThing however all opinions are my own.

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