Friday, 19 February 2016

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Review

I just couldn't bring myself to pay £100+ for a Clarisonic so went to look for a cheaper alternative. While having a quick browse on the internet I came across the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System which costs under £25. Definitely more my budget!

Included are batteries, the brush and a small tube of cleaner. While in use I find it isn't that noisy, I would say quieter than my electric toothbrush. It comes with 2 speed settings. I have very sensitive skin and find the slowest speed the best. The fast one is just a tad to harsh for me. It is waterproof so can easily be used in the shower.

Well, I didn't realise how much makeup actually stays on your skin when you just clean with your hands and a cleanser. The brush was filthy! Just shows that it works. It is a good exfoliator so I tend to use this every other day. I've been using this for almost 3 weeks now and I can already see improvements with the brightness of my skin. Even my acne scars are improving. 

If you are like myself and can't bring yourself to pay for a Clarisonic then I would recommend Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System as an alternative. 


  1. This is quite helpful! I'm looking for a good alternative to the claarasonic or magnitone cleansing brush and this seems really good!
    Great blog x

    Samantha -

    1. I've never tried a Clarisonic or Magnitone so I can't compare but so far I am pleased with the results xx

  2. Im sold on the idea of reduced scarring! This looks really good and makes a lot of sense to save that huge amount of money compared to a clarisonic!

    Cathy |


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