Monday, 8 February 2016

Gum Disease - How To Prevent It

Unfortunately, due to genetics I have gun disease. I used to be embarrassed speaking about it until I realised how common it actually is. The thought of losing my teeth terrified me and was desperate to prevent this from happening. If you are like me and suffer from bleeding gums I am now satisfied with my routine that has stopped all bleeding within 2 weeks!

Step one - Deep cleaning

You'll need to get rid of the build up of bacteria from plaque. Your dentist can do this for you which lasts about 30 minutes. Yes it is uncomfortable, yes the after pain is unbearable and you may need to take pain killers but your teeth are worth the pain.

Step two - Brushing

An electrical toothbrush works best I believe (Oral-B is my favorite). Spend time on each tooth individually brushing front, top and back. Focus on the gums as well.

Step three - Flossing

I use Totalcare Interdental brushes when it comes to flossing.They come in a range of sizes. Ask your dentist which size is best for your teeth. When you first start using them you may notice a lot of blood. Don't worry though, the more you use them the less blood you'll see and eventually it will stop altogether.

Step four - Mouthwash 

Finally I use Corsodyl Original Mouthwash. I don't use this everyday as it can stain your teeth! Twice a week does the job.

I followed these steps every day and notice all bleeding had stop after 2 weeks. Keep this routine up though as you gums will weaken again.

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