Friday, 11 March 2016

My Unsuccessful Experience Using BioLips

Having full plumped lips is the go to look now for girls. New techniques and devices are coming out so we don't need to get lip fillers for the desired look. All over Facebook BioLips have been uploading videos and photos of girls going from thin to full lips within 10 seconds using their natural lip enhancing device.

They have different sizes for different types of lips. The idea is you suck your lips into something that looks like a bottle lid for about 10 seconds, bringing blood to your lips and bam, new full lips. Seems easy enough right? What could possibly go wrong.

THIS. THIS IS WHAT COULD GO WRONG! It did make my lips fuller but after about half an hour my dad noticed my lips had gone purple. I look in the mirror and I have a circler bruise above my top lip and slightly bruises under my bottom lip. Did I do it wrong? Did I get the wrong size? I had only done it for 10 seconds if that. I Googled BioLips results and I noticed other people had the same bruising as me.

I contacted BioLips asking them why this had happened and turns out I sucked to hard. Whoops. They were so caring and have given me a few tips so this won't happen again:

1. Start off with gentle, light sucks into the device. Your lips need to get used to doing this. It can take up to a month to get the hang of things.
2. Your lips should barely be holding the device at first. 
3. Relax your lips into the enhancer.
4. If you do have bruising wait until it has completely gone until you try again.
5. If bruising still occurs then your lips may be to sensitive to use the device.

Although my first try was unsuccessful, once my bruising has gone down I will try again using the tips they have provided me. 

Have you tried BioLips?


  1. I've been really intrigued by these products, but results like yours have definitely put me off trying them! They should definitely include all of those tips when you first buy the product.

    Claire | xx

    1. With that being said... I'll still be intrigued to see your results once you try again ;) Hahha!

    2. The bruising lasted for about a week! By watching their videos it seemed like all you did was put your lips into the device and suck into them! Agree they should have the tips included.

      I will put updated pictures up on my twitter once I try this again haha xx


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