Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring Cleaning My Beauty Bad Habits

Spring is here which means spring cleaning. I thought I would start by cleaning out my beauty bad habits.

Picking off my nail polish
My nails will look great for about 3 days and then I get bored and start picking away. This usually happens while I'm at work, who would of guessed aye! I always get mad at myself once I start picking because I feel untidy until I can be bothered to repaint them.

Biting my lips
Instead of exfoliating I just bite the dried, cracking skin on my lips. This usually leads to bleeding which isn't a sexy look. I also bite the skin around my nails when I'm anxious. Does anyone else do that?

Living off dry shampoo
We have all established that I am lazy. Washing my hair isn't an exception. You would have thought because I have sensitive skin and my scalp gets irritated I would wash my hair more? Nope, I will go days spraying my hair. I just feel like it's a great product for the lazy.

'Forgetting' to moisturise
Ok, I don't forget I just get comfy in my bed and then don't want to move. I just think it is such a long task to do and then you have to wait till your dry before you can get dressed/into bed. If someone can show me a quick and easy way to moisturise that dries fast please share your wisdom.

Moaning about my weight
I'm the type of person that will cry that I'm gaining weight while stuffing my face with pizza. I'm not saying I'm fat but I am bigger than what I used to be and feeling self conscious. I need to stop this and gain some self control. Being lazy is a massive problem of mine which I need to get out of fast and start doing something about it. Smoothies and salads for me this year.

What bad habits are you spring cleaning out of your life?


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  2. I am also very bad with nails.Which is not good as girl. We need nicer nails you know :)and biting lips are not going any where. Great blog dear !! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :)

    1. I know we do but I'm a lazy person and like to pick away haha. Followed on bloglovin. Love your pics! xx

  3. I literally do all of the above.. although I don't bite my nails [or the skin around them] as much as I used to so hopefully that's a positive step in the right direction :) Another bad habit I've noticed lately is moaning about the place I'm at right now in my life and not doing anything about it - Hopefully that will change throughout this year. x x x Love this post x

    Jamie-Leigh x x

  4. Defo a positive step forward! I have a breakdown at least once a week about the place I am in life right now so your not alone moaning about that lol. Thank you :) xx


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