Friday, 10 June 2016

5 TMI Facts About Me

In person I'm an open book. I will happily tell you every detail about my life regardless of how personal the question is. That's just me and well I always believed that if you didn't like who I am you know where the door is (or cross if were talking online). I was looking at some of my posts and tweets and feel like I am holding back on my personality to kinda be accepted in the blogging world.
If I swear will people suddenly be put off? If I make a crude joke will people run in horror? I look at some of the bloggers/youtubers who have become successful and they are all squeaky clean, well majority anyways. I'm not saying squeaky clean is a bad thing I'm just saying that isn't me, far from it actually! So I thought I would tell you some very personal facts about myself so you can get a glimps of the real me.

1. I check out girls a lot for someone who has a boyfriend/straight. Me and him are always pointing out girls that have great bodies or are just out of this world beautiful. I just think women are better to look at that men. I much prefer a compliment from a girl than a boy. Am I attracted to them? Who knows. But if you are having a conversation with me and you happen to have massive tits please understand that I will want to sneak a peek. 

2. I'm really crude in person. If you are my friend I will send you a picture of my nudes/underwear pics to see if they're good enough to send. Me and my mates convos go into such detail about our 'behind the bedroom door' experiences that I wonder if boys talk about it like we do lol. We also talk about other personal stuff like how our poo is getting on. That is also a very important topic to talk about!

3. I would consider myself a trysexual. I will try something at least once.

4. I love to embarrass me boyfriend in public. I don't get humiliated easily but he does and I get such a laugh from it. My favourite time was when we was waiting for a train and I walked off and said 'omg I can't believe you just got a boner in public that is so disgusting' and someone actually looks at his junk :'). I think I may of peed mysef a bit laughing. 

5. I'm a really understanding person. I don't judge because tbh I can't really judge as more than likely I've been there, done that, got the label to prove it. I think this is why so many people have come to me in confidence when they have a personal problem because they know I will understand and wouldn't think badly of them. I'm glad that some of my 'bad choices' in life have became a good thing because I have now helped others using my experiences.

And we're finished. Was that to much? Have I ruined myself and should hide in a cave from the internet world now that's all out? I bet you're thinking 'this is only a glimps what more could she be hiding?!' Don't worry I thought I best keep it cleanish and won't scar you haha.

Do you think you hold back in case readers don't approve?


  1. This is a really fun post, I love the idea! I think it's good to be open, and it sounds like you and your bf have a lot of fun! 😃

    Abbey 💓

    1. Aww thank you. We do have our moments. I prefer to be more open and want to be from now on in my posts! No holding back haha xx

  2. It's always nice getting to know someone a little bit more. This post made me laugh, especially when I read #4.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Sabah ||

    1. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the post and found it funny! x


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