Monday, 6 June 2016

New York Fashion Haul

Well I went a little crazy shopping in New York. Honestly, I don't know what came over me. Joe was starting to get worried about me lol. The main place where we shopped was at Woodbury Common Outlet. We actually visit it twice! I'm so happy with all my purchases and glad I managed to get through customs! Haha.


I love the style of these glasses. 


I went a tad crazy in Michael Kors! The shop itself was 50% off everything and then if you spent $250 you get an extra 20% off. So I basically got most of the stuff for free.

I think this backpack is one of my fav purchases.

I loved this bag so much I had to get it in both colours.


I wear my black superstars to death. I know these will be perfect for summer.

Of course I had to get matching shoes to go with my bags! I love Timberlands. 



Levis - Why didn't anyone tell me how comfy Levi jeans are?!

Ralph Lauren

Forever 21


I needed some everyday earrings to wear while at work.


I'm so happy with all my purchases. I got everything I was after and more. If you are ever to shop in New York definitely visit Woodbury Common Outlet. There's a bit of everything for everyone. 


  1. Living for your MK bags! 💕

    1. They were so cheap I had to buy as many as I could! lol x


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