Friday, 3 June 2016

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was looking at some of my posts and posts waiting to be uploaded and thinking 'dam Jasmine why you such a miserable bastard?' The reason why I may write negative/sad posts occasionally is because I want you to get to know me, my pasts and tbh not come across as fake. I'm an open book.

I thought maybe I should actually show you my happy side as well as that is the person I am majority of the time! 

1. A pretty obvious one but my family. Unlike my sister who is forever out with her friends socialising, my idea of a good night is sitting at home spending time with my family or going out as a family.

(Me and my sister)

(Me and my cousin)

2. Disney movies. Honestly, that make me so happy. I could watch them all, singing along and for that hour or so all my worries go. I guess it reminds me a lot of my childhood.

3. Penguins. They look so cute walking around in their little built in suits!

4. Fresh eyebrows/haircut.

5. Another cliche answer but my boyfriend Joe. Even though he has a massive head, can't dance, tells cringy jokes and is a big wimp, I wouldn't change him. He is my bestfriend and helped me out of a bad place that I will forever be grateful for. I guess maybe I love him a tiny bit but don't tell him that ;)

6. Learning something new. If it's a subject/skill that I'm really into I need to learn everything about it. 

7. PAY DAY!!

8. Board games. I guess this kinda falls under family and boyfriend as well as that's who play them with. But how can you not like a good board game night?! My 2 favourite games are Cludo and Payday.

9. Buying gifts for people. At Christmas I always go overboard. I love looking for the perfect present for someone and watching them open it. I guess it's making someone happy that makes me happy.

10. Last but not least my dog. He gives the best cuddles when I am feeling down. How can dogs tell you're sad when you're not even crying?! 

Obviously there are some others too like my friends, food, holidays but my top 13 just didn't have the same ring to it.

What things make you happy?


  1. I loved this. Its nice to see another side to people. Mine are my family, lie-ins cause they r so rare and partying with my friends eating good food and drinking cocktails.xx

    1. I love your happy things.

      I do love a good cocktail. My fav is long island ice teas. I never get a lie in it's like my body hates me haha. xx

  2. I loved this. Its nice to see another side to people. Mine are my family, lie-ins cause they r so rare and partying with my friends eating good food and drinking cocktails.xx

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