Monday, 20 June 2016

The Diner - Charing Cross

Me and Joe both work up London but all we do is literally commute to and from work and that's all we do up London. A complete waste of opportunity if you ask me. On the bus home I noticed this place called The Diner based on the Strand in Charing Cross. I told Joe 'were going there on pay day I don't give a shit what you say' and well here we are.

The location is great. Right by Covert Garden, the theatres and Charing Cross station. As you can probably guess the place was American style. The seating area was booths and I believe the waiters/waitresses were American too. Well ours was. Whether that was a happy coincidence or not I don't know.

The menu was everything you would expect a diner to have. Burgers, hotdogs, pancakes, milkshakes. It actually took us a while to pick what to have as we just couldn't decided with all the yummy choices! In the end I went for The New York Cheesecake shake and The DCB which was a chicken burger with cheese, bacon, coleslaw and pickle and cheesey fries on the side.

The milkshake was amazing. Joe got a snickers one that believe it or not actually tasted like snickers! lol. The burger was big but not so big you couldn't finish it. It was just to right size. Starting to sound like Goldilocks here. Of course being the piggy that I am I finished it all. I didn't want to over do it and get a dessert. But there was a banana split that caught my eye!

We really enjoyed ourselves and for Joe to not complain about food is a massive thing! I would defo come back here and try something new. Maybe pancakes next time?


  1. I love finding cute diners and restaurants, haha! You look like you guys had a lovely time :) I love posts like this x

    1. If you have found any cute diners do let me know. I love the food you find in them! xx

  2. I think I've heard about this place before, it looks really cool and the food looks delicious! I might have to pay a visit next time i'm in London! xo

    1. They have a few around London and each one has dishes that you can only get at the location which I think it pretty cool. xx


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