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I did it guys. I went out of my comfort zone and went to a bloggers event on my own! I have been following @LDNmeetup on twitter for a while now and always see them arranging some sort of event for bloggers and tbh I wanted in.  When I saw the email for #BigBloggerExpo I thought this would be the perfect event for me to meet bloggers as well as brands.
I have to admit when I first arrived I was nervous and intimidated. There was just so many bloggers! Eventually my nerves left me and I started to get into the swing of things. Chatting to people, getting to know the brands and hearing more about their journey.


I think this may of been my favourite stall out of them all because it's food related, duh! I tried a bit of everything and wished I could of had the full size version as it was all so tasty. BoroughBox sell some great gourmet hampers that you can have for yourself or as a gift. Or you can just try individual items if you don't fancy a whole hamper. If you are a bit of a foodie that love trying new things then they also do a subscription box. What I love about their subscription boxes is you can cancel or 'pause' whenever you want.

Twitter - @BoroughBox 
Instagram - @boroughbox


It's like the Gods knew that my muscles were in pain so they made sure that this brand was here to save me. WestLab were showing us their bath salts. Something that I don't actually use in the bath but have been interested in trying. The women mentioned that you can also add shower gel to the bath salts and use it as a scrub! I was given a full size bag to try out and can't wait to put it into use. I never knew they sell WestLab in Boots so if I love it at least I know it will be easy to grab!

Website -

Twitter - @Westlabuk
Instagram - @westlabsalts

Bonnie Boo

Well I am really broody since visiting this stall! I was sending pictures to my boyfriend throwing him hints but he was having none of it haha. Might have to stop getting the injection slyly. Kidding! Or am I? Watch this space in 9 months to find out haha. Anyways, Bonnie Boo sell boxes, baskets and bags full of everything you would need for a baby. They make adorable presents for a mummy to be. You get everything from teddies, nappies, bibs, shampoo and more. I love how original they are with their designed like the snugglebugs above what is made up of a nappy, bib and socks! How cute is that? They are also looking to venture into baby shower items. I really hope they do as I would love to buy their products for when I become a mum.

Website -

Facebook - BonnieBooGifts

Two Three

First off I have to mention that the girls were lovely at this table. Two three is an online boutique that sell women's fashion and accessories. Their items are affordable and I can't wait to see what more they bring out. I fell in love with the bomber jacket above. How pretty is the colour?!

Website -

Twitter - @shoptwo_three
Instagram - @shoptwo_three

Dr Paw Paw

Dr Paw Paw was showing us their balms and 7 in 1 hair treatment. You can use their balms for more than one thing. Their original balm is highly rated. Not only can you use it on your lips, you can also use it on irritated or cracked skin. Oh and hair. Did I mention you can also use it on hair too? I did tell you there was multiple uses for this affordable product. They now also have two different colours of the balm that you can use to add a pop of colour to your lips and cheeks! Cannot wait to try this as my lips seem to hate me and always crack!

Website -

Twitter - @DrPAWPAW
Instagram - @dr.pawpaw

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

It was the packaging that caught my eye with this brand. Look at those face masks! How pretty would they look on your dressing table? Even Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, uses these bee venom products. The gold mask you see above using the queen bee venom which does wonders for anti aging.

Website -

Twitter - @heavenskincare
Instagram - @heavenskincare

Jewellery Box

This was such a pretty table. I had never heard of Jewellery Box but I'm so glad I discovered them at this event. I wanted all their pieces. My fav piece had to be the dinosaur necklace! After snooping on their website I couldn't believe how cheap they are selling their items  for considering how well made they are! I was just saying the other day that I needed more delicate, cute jewellery and now I've found the perfect brand for that.

Twitter - @jewelleryboxuk
Instagram - @jewelleryboxuk 

Living Proof

Oh my. I think I may of found a new holy grail. I'm a lazy fuck and I'm not ashamed to admit that so when Living Proof started telling me about their dry shampoo I almost cried with happiness. This dry shampoo is not like other dry shampoos. This doesn't cover up greasy hair, this product actually cleans your hair instead. I kid you not my fellow lazy bitches. We no longer need to wash our hair on the 3rd day. WE CAN NOW JUST SPRAY THIS MOTHER FUCKING BEAUTY! I was given a sample to try and have since this event and I'm not bullshitting you people, it does work. I gave it a spray on my roots, rubbed it in and left it for a minute to work its magic. I then brushed my hair and there I had 'freshly washed hair'. It also didn't feel greasy to touch. And it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp.

Twitter - @Livingproofinc
Instagram - @livingproofuk

4 You By You

So the guy who was showing us this brand, it's his fathers brand so he knows all the ins and outs about everything to do with the products. I love how these products are fast and you can expect results within two minutes. Mascara that will give you fuller looking eyelashes and that you can also use on your eyebrows. Eye cream that will make you look awake instantly like you've sleep your full 8 hours when really you're still drunk from the night before. And lip plumper that doesn't tingle, sting or irritate your lips while it happens!

Twitter - @4youbyyou
Instagram - @4youbyyou

Return To Glory

Return to glory is a mobile beauty treatment company that come straight to your home or even to your work (if your boss allows it of course). They do hair & makeup, massages, waxing, personal fitness just to name a few. If you ask for something they don't provide then they will find some way for you to get what you've requested. I have been meaning to get a massage for month and the lady must of knew because I was offered a ten minute massage. Of course I took it and it was amazing. I don't to enough treatments as I should because who has the time? I love that these come to you so after you've had an amazing facial and massage you can have a much needed nap after without having to stress of having to travel back home!

Twitter - @returntogloryuk
Instagram - @returntogloryuk

Jody Bell

We were lucky enough to meet Jody Bell herself who is lovely btw! She had brought some of her clothing line and she was allowing people to try on what they fancied. I didn't have the confidence to wear any but it was nice seeing other bloggers getting stuck in and seeing what the clothes looked on.

Twitter - @myjodybell
Instagram - @myjodybelloffical


I was looking at my photos I took on the day and realised I didn't take one of the Brandbassador table! So enjoy a picture of me in one of the one piece items they were giving away. Brandbassador is a website (and soon to be app) that connects brands with bloggers. You can earn money, points and free products by doing 'missions'.These could be anything from taking a picture, doing a vine or tweeting. The guy who was telling us about the brand looked so familiar but I just couldn't figure out where I recognized him from. It was the voice I swore I knew. It wasn't till I got back and looked on twitter that I realised it was Stevie who used to be on Made In Chelsea! My bad haha.

Website -

Twitter - @brandbassador
Instagram - @brandbassador


Another brand I forgot to take pictures of, sorry! These specialist in botox and dermal fillers. Although botox isn't something that interests me I like how they keep everything looking natural. With their lip fillers their before and after pictures looked so natural than the usual over sized lip look!

Website -
Instagram - @Juva_dent

Once we had seen all the brands there was a charity raffle. I was lucky enough to be a winner of an eye shadow pallet that I cannot wait to try! I really enjoyed my first event and can't thank everyone enough for organising such an amazing event that must of took so much of their time. I can't wait to go to my next one and try out all the lovely products I was given to try and review.

If you're like me that is nervous about going to a bloggers event I say just go for it. It's scary at first but everyone is welcoming and lovely that you will soon become confident and your usual self at the event.


  1. Wow looks like fun! I definitely want to attend a blogger event some time soon! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM // Enter My Giveaway!

    1. It is really fun once the nerves down down. Everyone is friendly anyways x


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