Monday, 8 August 2016

Recent Reads #4

I've been really slacking with my reading recently. It's not because I've suddenly became busy and I don't have time to read. It's more because I'm finding it hard to get into a book. I wasn't lying when I said in my All The Bright Places post that I was obsessed with it! However, I know there will be other books out there that I enjoy as much as that one. I just need to find it!

While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

While playing an innocent game of hide and seek in the park with her 4 year old daughter, Lisa Dale only closes her eyes for a few seconds. Panic starts when she realises she can't find her daughter Ella anywhere in the park. Instantly they believe a paedophile has taken their little girl but what if this wasn't the case? What is it was someone they knew? That Ella could actually only be a few feet away.

I don't know what I thought about this book. It was good however once I got to the end I was kinda like 'really? That's how you're going to end the book'. I feel because of the ending is why I don't really rate the book high. Having said that, there was parts of the book I found griping although slightly confusing. The book wasn't bad apart from the ending but that may just be me. 

Happily by Sophie Tanner*

Chloe is constantly getting asked why she hasn't settled down yet, no kids, not even a boyfriend. Although she sees nothing wrong with being single and happy everyone else seems to think that you must be miserable unless you have a ring on your finger. One drunken night Chloe announces that she is going to marry herself and her friend love the idea and support her all the way. We follow Chloe in the challenges it is to be an independent women and her planning her big wedding.

I loved the idea of this book. Marrying yourself would make life so much easier wouldn't it? The book is definitely an easy read, laying on the beach, not needing much thinking. Because of this I did find it slightly boring by the middle and only really picked up near the end when some serious drama was added which I wasn't expecting. The book is good that it sends a message about self worth. Something I need to teach myself!

Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

Imagine you are on a plane and you think you are about to die as it starts to shake and plummet to the ground so your instant reaction is to confess all your secrets to the man sitting next to you. From you broke your bosses favourite cup to you had a lesbian dream about your bestfriend. Obviously you was over reacting and you're alive and fine. But once you go back to work you realise that the man you had confesses everything to was the founder of the company your work for. This is what happened to Emma...

This is one of my favourite books. This is the second time I have read it and I reacted the same way I did the first time round. I couldn't put it down, I was laughing my way through it and I wanted to find out more. Joe kept asking what the hell was going on in this book as I kept laughing. I feel like this would be the perfect book to read if you just want to escape and have some stress free time.

No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs by Tracy Bloom

We follow 2 couples who have recently become parents, Ben and Katy, Matthew and Alison. Reason these 2 couples are connected is because Katy and Matthew use to be childhood sweethearts and had a one night stand at a reunion and the baby may be his!  Since the baby had been born Katy and Ben have been struggling and in a hope to make things better Ben suggests he stays at home with the baby while she goes out to work. He assumed it would be a piece of cake until he spent more than a few hours in charge of this child's life.

I bought this book in a hurry as I needed something quickly for a journey. I had no idea what this book was about and didn't realise it was actually a squeal. It didn't matter that I hadn't read the first book and could follow this book fine. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book. At first it was just a book to past the time and I didn't really care much about the story line. I don't know how it happened but out of no where I was wanting to read more and couldn't wait to read it! I was laughing and getting angry at the characters! lol. I feel like if I had children I could relate to this book more but saying that I still enjoyed it.

What have you been enjoying reading recently?


  1. These books sound great! I definitely want to read "Can You Keep A Secret?" soon :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    1. You really should. It's so funny regardless how many times you read it. If you ever read it let me know what you think! x


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