Monday, 11 July 2016

I've Been Blog Shopping

When I started blogging I was unsure if 1. I was going to enjoy it and 2. if I would actually stick to it. Well months down the line and I'm still creating new posts and enjoying every bit of it. I thought maybe it's time I actually attempt to make my photos look more 'like a blog' and professional. 
Photography is not my strongest skill. And I'm actually thinking about going on a course soon but one step at a time! At first all I had was my Cannon G7X camera and a white board. I wanted to start adding props, using different equipment to make picture taking easier and I wan't to try different layouts. I had a browse through Amazon and these are the items I added to my cart and bought.

Light Ring Kit
Light is a massive issue when it comes to taking my photos. I have terrible lighting in my house and because I work full time I miss the best times to use natural light. I was a bit skeptical when I bought this kit. All the other light rings only came with the light, not the stand and camera holder too. So when I found this for under £60 I thought I was more than likely going to get ripped off. However I went for it anyways and so far seems fine. I haven't used it yet but the light works, everything fits together and comes with a handy travel bag too. How long the light will last though I don't know.

Pink Rose Petals
In my head I thought pink petals would look nice on a white background scattered between products. 100 may be a tad to much but they are so flimsy and small that it's best to have to many in case they break or get lost. I'm yet to buy fake flowers.

Marble Background
I wanted the choice of having more than just a white background. Marble is the in thing at the moment for backgrounds but I have nothing like that in my house. A blogger on twitter mentioned you can just buy a marble design on a bit of paper for cheap! I got one so I could stick it to a piece of wood or card to make it that tab more sturdy.

Maxsimafoto Tripod
Since starting blogging I realised that some times you need a little extra help when taking pictures. Especially when I'm trying to take an outfit pic. I knew using a selfie stick wouldn't look professional so went for a tripod instead. This make has loads of different ones suited for majority of cameras out there. It's also light and folds small so if you need to use it for travelling you won't need to worry.

I know I'm still a long way yet to getting that perfect looking blog photo but hopefully with practice and using my new toys they will be improving slowly. I know I still need to get some more props though. What props would you suggest?


  1. Great stuff! Love the marble background! I definitely have to invest in a ring light for those days when natural lighting isn't that great - haha.

    Nicole | In The Life of NM // Enter My Giveaway!

    1. I say go for it tbh. It's so handy to have and will be great during winter x

  2. You've definitely got some brilliant essentials here, the marble background is such a clever idea- I have nothing marble like that in my house either! I'm really interested in getting s ring light too but I have no idea where on earth I should start looking or what exactly I should be specifically looking for.

    1. This ring light was the cheapest I found and is so handy. Expesh when I'm taking FOTD pictures. I'm sure it will be good for videos as well. x


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