Friday, 1 July 2016

What I Eat In A Day (Weekday)

Recently I have been obsessed with 'What i eat in a day' videos/posts. Partly to get ideas for myself other part because I'm a piggy and love food. I wanted to do this as well but what I eat during the week is completely different to what I eat on the weekend. 
I'm going to do a 2 part series with this so you can get an idea on what I eat. The first part is what I eat during the week and mostly what I eat at work.


I eat breakfast at work at about 9:30/10. I can't eat first thing in the morning it makes me feel sick. Anyone else get like that?


(Granola with low fat yoghurt)


I mentioned on my Tips on saving money that I have started to bring my lunch in to work. It's ridiculous how much I was spending a week on lunches. I will usually have a salad, pasta or left over dinner for lunch.

(Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, red pepper, olives, feta cheese, salami and home made coleslaw)


I bring A LOT of snacks to work. When I'm bored or fancy passing the time I will eat food. Plus I seem to always be hungry and I refuse to get hangry at work. My snacks vary to whatever I can find in the kitchen.

(Strawberries, pork pie, tomatoes, babybells, smoked salmon, carrots and low fat hummus, pear and grapes)


Joe came round that night so we decided to get Sainsbury's meal deal. If you haven't had it before basically for £10 you get a main, dessert and a bottle of wine. There is so much to choose from for the mains and the quality of the food is surprisingly good considering all you have to do it put it in the oven. If they do it in your local Sainsbury's try it out. We got a side dish too.

(Creamy basil chicken with baby potatoes and green beans in a creamy basil and parmesan cheese sauce. Side of potato dauphinoise. White wine to drink)


I did have strawberry trifle but I got to excited and ate it before remembering I needed a picture!

What do you eat in a day?



  1. I love reading posts like this and watching these kinds of videos as well, I don't know why but I always find them really interesting? Must be the foodie in me!

    With your dessert I can completely sympathise, I can't tell you how many times I intend on taking an Instagram picture of my food or something and I get too swept up and just eat everything before I remember...

    1. Glad there is fellow nosy foodies out there like me!

      I do it all the time or I'll eat something half way and then have to rearrange the plate so it doesn't look like I've eaten anything haha x


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