Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Movies

I recently went with a new company for my car insurance which means Meerkat Movies! Obviously I want to take full advantage of my two for one cinema tickets you get every week and insisting I go even if there is nothing I would usually go to watch. I thought I could also start a new series on my blog where I review the films I've seen that month.

Finding Dory

Dory has flash backs of who she was before she couldn't remember and now wants to go and find her family. 
I have been waiting for this movie to come out for years! Was I one of the oldest people there that wasn't with a child? Yes. Did I care? No. I was obsessed with Finding Nemo. I though the film was amazing, I still remember all the words and I will say random quotes to my boyfriend like 'hold my fin' when I want him to hold my hand lol. I loved the idea of finding dory that we was finding out the background story of her and why she says and does certain things. I felt the characters were better in this film but Finding Nemo was a better story line. That didn't stop me getting all chocked up at points though!

Suicide Squad

it's left to a bunch of criminals to save the world that is currently being under attack by a witch.
Another film I have been waiting for since last year. I admit I have never really been into the comics however The Joker and Harley Quinn love story is what I enjoy reading about. Harley Quinn is bae. I'm obsessed with her and really hope they make a movie around her. 
I was worried about watching this as I had wanted to see it for ages and then I hear all these bad reviews. I wish I went and saw this is 3D because it was amazing. I thought the actors played the parts so well. Even Jared Leto didn't play The Joker badly (I am team Heath Ledger though. No one can beat him as The Joker). I loved Margot Robbie. There was a lot more comedy in this than I thought there would be and I know some people don't like that about the film but I enjoyed it. One thing I was disappointing about was The Joker wasn't really in the film. I thought his character would be more of a main one.


An online game of dares where people can give you dares to do in exchange for money. The dares could be anything and if you fail to complete the dare you lose everything you have won so far. 
I didn't expect to like this movie. I found that the beginning was a tad slow but then I found myself on the edge of my seat. The dares were good and made me nervous watching them. I love how when they done the dares it would occasionally show shots of them filming it on their phone so you felt you was one of the watchers in the movie, seeing it from their view. I feel like this movie had just the right amount of action, thrill and time length. 

Lights Out

Rebecca goes searching for the truth behind the strange things that happened in her past when her little brother starts to experience the same things. Little does she know that everyone is in danger when the lights go out.
I went and saw this film with my mum as she has never experienced a scary film in the cinema. Horror films were the only films I would watch at some point. However, I feel like I can only watch them in the cinema to get the full effect. At home they're just lacking scare in my opinion. Anyways about the film, it wasn't a bad film I have seen worse. There was a story line although the ending was predictable. Creepy shadow girl, I've seen that sort of character before but I did enjoy it.

What movies have you seen this month?


  1. I thought the exact same about the joker not really being in suicide squad much. Nerve and Lights out are on my list to watch next. Great post!
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

    1. I was surprised because in the trailers they made him out to be like a big part or maybe it was just because they changed his look. x

  2. Finding Dory is amazing and it will probably be a dvd a will be buying when it's released!
    Kathy x

    1. I've already got it on my Christmas list! haha x


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