Monday, 22 August 2016

The hunt for the perfect birthday dress

Finding a birthday dress is hard. It's even harder when you realise that you have gained a few pounds and now your usual go to style of dress makes you feel self conscious. I wanted something that would make me stand out but also in a style that would make me appear thinner and suck all the pudge in.
Finding something specific was proving difficult and with time running out I was just buying anything that may look good and returning anything that just didn't make me feel good. 8 dresses later...

Dress #1 Woven Detailed Dress - Shopaholic

I love Shopaholic. I can always rely on their dresses to suck me in! Although I loved this dress I felt like it the material was just a tad to thick for a summer night out. The sleeve were also to long for me so I had to roll these up.

This was my mums and Joe's favourite dress. The style of the dress make your bum look huge! I like how there was chains for straps so made it looked a bit different to your average dress. However, the straps did keep falling down so boobie tap is needed unless you want your tit to keep making an appearance! 

I actually really like this dress. I have never bought anything from Pink Boutique but so far impressed. Material was stretchy but clung to my figure nicely. But nips do show in this so make sure you have nip plasters.

I found this dress so confusing to put on! I just couldn't figure out the straps. Honestly it took me about 10 attempts till I got it right. I don't know what I think about this dress. Like in the mirror I would like the look of it however in it I just didn't feel 100%. 

This was my safety dress. I knew I would like it, knew it would fit well and if all else failed I could wear this one because I have a similar dress in black. The colour is one of my favourites to wear. I feel like it such a glam colour. 

Similar to dress #3. I do like this one and like how it's mesh so you can see my tattoo through it still. Boobie tap would defo be needed to keep the flowers in place. I did think that the arms at the top was a bit tight so the mesh may rip if I danced to much! Maybe this dress would be better for dinner out instead.

This was Joe's second favourite. I love the colour and the style of this dress. But there was 2 things that was slightly putting me off it. 1. because it's glittery it was scratchy around my neck. 2. The material wasn't tight enough so I was conscious about my muffintyre. 

Again similar to dress #5. I haven't worn a co-ord set in ages due to worrying about my belly. I'm aware I'm not 'fat' however compared to my old self I'm bigger than what I was. I do like this as the skirt is high enough to cover. And again the colour is gorgeous!

I've decided that I am going to keep them all because 1. I'm to lazy to return and 2. I will find somewhere to wear them. So the dress I decided to wear was...


Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of the dress on the night. We was in such a rush to get to the venue in time that I forgot and didn't realise till pretty much the end of the night that I needed a picture of the dress!

I decided that I wanted to get my makeup done professionally too. Having a snoop on instagram and trying to find someone who was local and would come to us I found @gracekelly_mua. I've never had my makeup done by someone before and she made the experience lovely. I felt at ease with her and was chatting away like we were old primary school friends that was having a catch up after years. I will be coming back to her when I need my makeup done again.

(What my makeup looked like by the end of the night)

What dress would you of picked for me to wear?


  1. Hi Jasmine, I completely fell in love with the dress you chose to wore and am now interested in purchasing it for my upcoming event! I am also average weight with a small tummy, and was wondering if the dress is made of material that does a good job at holding your figure in or if it accentuates any bumps? And does it run true to size or smaller/larger? It seems to compliment the body very well, as you look absolutely stunning!! Thanks for the help and inspiration!

    1. Hey! Thank you for the compliments sweety.

      I would say that the material isn't very figure hugging in the sense that it holds everything in. However, because of the style it hides all the lumps and bumps and makes your bum look huge. I'm 5ft 2 and the length was fine but it did keep rising when I danced. Also, the straps kept falling down so you will need tape others boobs will be flying everywhere!

      Hope that helped and enjoy your event! xx


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