Sunday, 18 September 2016

My top 5 Disney songs

I love Disney. I'm currently recollecting them all on DVD. I was reading Angela from Days In Bed post about her top 5 Disney songs and I loved reading it. Took me down memory lane and I enjoyed reading why they were her fav songs. I had to re create the post for myself after reading.
Narrowing it down to just 5 I found so difficult. I like so many for different reasons so I decided to just pick the ones I love to belt out.

Why should I worry - Oliver and Company 
This is my all time favourite Disney song. It's the only Disney song that I have on my playlist. Whenever I am feeling down or stressed I will put this on and remind myself 'why should I worry, why should I care'?!

Tale as old as time - Beauty and the Beast

How can you not love singing this song? Belle is my fav Disney princess. The lyrics I feel some up relationships. Expesh when it hits you randomly like it did in the film. 'Both a little scared, neither one prepared' is my favourite line. Is it sad I want this to be my first dance song at my wedding and reenact the scene?

On my way - Brother Bear
I feel like you never hear people talk about Brother Bear yet I love the story. The way I think about this song is probably completely wrong but it reminds me of when you are moving forward in life or if you are going out to reach your goals. You're going to meet new people and go different places in your journey. Yes there will be hard times but then the sun will come out and everything will turn out ok if you just keep focused regardless and don't give up.

Someone's waiting for you - The Rescuers 
This song always used to get me as a child. I just felt for Penny so much. This is defo a song to listen to when you are feeling down and need reminding that things will get better. If you have broken up with your partner listen to this so you remember that someone is waiting to love you out there. Fav line in this song is 'There'll be a smile where a frown used to be'.

A whole new world - Aladdin
Aladdin reminds me of when I was a child sitting with dad watching this over and over. Every time it is on telly us two make sure we watch it. This song comes on frequently on the radio station we have on at work and it's hard trying to hold myself back from 'singing' loudly the words.

P.S Let it go is one of my guilty pleasure songs. 

Bonus song - On my fathers wings - Quest for Camelot
Ok technically this is not a Disney song but it is still animated and a song worth mentioning. Such a touching song to someone who has lost a father. I have spoken about this song in my underrated childhood movies post.

I also asked my family what their favourite Disney songs are:

My sister - Two words one family - Tarzan
Mum and dad - The bare necessities - The jungle book

What songs are you favourite?


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