Wednesday, 5 October 2016

September Movies

September has not been my month. I have been feeling constantly drained for weeks. All motivation lost and just slumping around wasting the days. I dunno if this is because subconsciously I am aware that this month last year I had my breakdown or just because it's been one of those months. Either way it has meant I haven't left the house much so haven't taken advantage of the cinema as much as I could. Things will change in October!

War Dogs
Based on a true story, two men who decide to exploit the government and land a deal with the Pentagon for $300 million. Although they don't actually no that much about arms dealing.
This was Joe's choice of film for the week. I thought it would be more on the comedy side as it was directed by the same person who done The Hangover but it was more on the serious side. I liked how for each 'chapter' of the film they would quote a part of the film. Joe really enjoyed the film. It was ok it just wasn't my usual type of film choice.

Sausage Party
All their life food just wants to be taken home by the Gods (humans) and have a great life. However, one sausage finds out the horrible truth what happens when you leave the store and has to warn the others.
Well. To be honest I don't know where to start with this film. I saw the trailer and thought it was hilarious and loved the idea of it. The actual film was a shock. If I'm being honest I thought there was way to much swearing that was unneeded for most of it and just cringey. Parts of the film I thought they just went a tad to far and didn't really need to add it in. Throughout the film me and Joe just looked at each other like what the fuck are we watching?! If you can get past all that the film isn't that bad. But I think you need to be high to watch it. Which I think they probably were when writing it.

Two movies out of the possibility of 4! Hopefully October will be a more productive month! What films did you go to see this month?


  1. I watched the new Bridget Jones film a couple of weeks ago. It was hilarious! I haven't seen either of these films - Sausage Party looks so silly! But I'll probably check out War Dogs at some point!

    1. I've never actually watched the any of the Bridget Jones films *covers eyes in embarrassment*. So many people have seen it though and raved about it. Glad you enjoyed the film x


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