Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My holy grail Spot treatments

sudocrem, witch overnight clearing serum and tea tree pads

We're going into December now which means work dos, Christmas parties and don't forget New Years too. I want my skin to look its best for these events, however, sometimes it's like my skin knows this and decided to be a bitch and produce the biggest spot(s) known to man on my face. I've tried a good few spot treats and these are the ones that works best for me. I have normal/combination skin btw.

I've raved about this products a number of times. If you have a few small spots or those annoying red ones that you get under the skin then use this. I'll cleanse my face and then wipe this over at night. Be careful around the eyes as it will sting if you get to close. Learn from my mistakes people! By the morning my spots have either died down in redness or have gone completely. The Tea Tree range usually have 2 for £5 deals so next time you're in your local Superdrug it's worth picking up.

A fairly new Superdrug buy of mine. I've never tried any Witch products but there was a buy one get one free offer so took the opportunity to try this out as I don't have many overnight serums. I recent suffered with one of the worse breakouts I have ever experience. If you follow me on snapchat you would know the experience I'm talking about! I tried this baby out and wow. Honestly I didn't expect much due to the price but within two days my spots had gone. This product will now have a permanent spot in my draw.  

I couldn't really do this post without a mention of my oldest and most trusted product of them all. The mother of spot treatments, well the mother of everything really, Sudocrem. I feel like Sudocrem is the answer for everything. Spots? Sudocrem. Burns? Sudocrem. Broken heart? Smother it with Sudocrem. If everything else fails and I have a really stubborn spot that just won't leave my face after living there rent free and I'll get this out. You just know Sudocrem will kick that spots ass. I prefer the tube version to the tub as I find it more hygienic. Also practical for carrying around. 

What's your holy grail spot treatments?


  1. I have purchased the Witch overnight clearing serum - it's like magic! Also, really like the superdrug pads for getting rid of my dead skin cells. Have heard so many people rave about Sudocrem but I've never actually tried it. X

  2. Been dying to try a Tea Tree product to clear my skin, but some products seem super expensive. The Superdrug facial pads are much cheaper, so thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely try it XO


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