Wednesday, 21 December 2016

You won't believe the horror this mask left my face in

Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask

Originally I wasn't going to review this product. However, after the state it left my face in I had to warn everyone else! If you think I'm overreacting wait till you see the after pictures!
It's no secret that I have a soft spot for face masks. I'm always buying new ones and trying out for a few weeks before I find a new one and the cycle continues. Some people collect stamps, I collect face masks.

Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask came up on my suggestions on Amazon. It claims it removes blackheads and leave you skin shinning. I love physically seeing the gunk come out of my pores and the product was under £5 so obviously I went and bought it. Delivery was quick I can't fault that.

Joe had mentioned he wanted to remove the blackheads from his face and do a peel face mask. I hadn't used Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask yet so suggested we both use it. Because this was just a random pamper night I wasn't prepared for 'blogger worthy photos' so please excuse the normalness in these pictures.

women wearing a black peel off face mask treatment

We put a thickish layer on our faces. Avoiding eyes, lips and eyebrows. The directions said to leave on for 20 - 30 minutes. The mask dried fine and tight. Impossible to move features on our faces.

women and man wearing a Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask

Time to take off the mask... It took myself and Joe about 15 minutes to take off the mask. Why so long Jasmine I hear you ask? Because it fucking hurt that's why! The pain this mask caused was ridicules. I've used peel masks before but nothing was as strong as this. Youno all the tiny hairs on your face? Well you can say bye bye to them because you are basically waxing your face. I've experience some pain in my life but I was such a wimp with this!

Once I finally removed all the mask this is how my face looked.

women with a red sore face

Look at me! Imagine if I used this before a night out. My face was burning and sore from the removal off it all. But did it work? My face was definitely softer. I was as smooth as a baby's bottom because I had no hair left. It did remove some blackhead from my nose.

women with a red sore face

If you are looking to remove the hairs on your face then Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask will sort you right out. I will use this mask again but instead of covering my whole face will only use it on my T Zone. 


  1. Ouch! I've seen that mask and nearly bought it because the Biore strips from Boots do literally nothing - my boyfriend and I did them last night and my nose looks no clearer! This hasn't convinced me to buy that though!

    Chloe ||

    1. It defo was more painful than I thought it would be. The girls in the videos make it look so easy! I love the Biore Strips. Shame they didn't work for you xx

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