Friday, 22 April 2016

Empties #2

Don't you love when an empties post comes around because it gives you an excuse to shop again?

Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food Hand Cream
I used to love this product and would always make sure I had some in my handbag but recently the smell has put me off. I don't know what happened. Just one day I used and the smell made me feel sick. It was just to strong. However, it does leave my hands feeling soft.

Repurchase? Sadly no as I just can't stand the smell not because it's a bad product.

COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer and Invisible New York 
This smells amazing. It was such a fresh and fruity smell. Great for giving your hair a boost of freshness inbetween washes. This doesn't leave a whitish powder that can leave your hair dull looking which is perfect for us dark haired girls. I used this a lot more than I should of.

Repurchase? Yes but interested in trying different ones from this range.

Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit Roll-On Deodorant
I prefer roll-on deodorant to sprays as I feel they last so much longer. I really really really like this. This is actually the second on I've purchased but in a different scent. They smell lovely, dry quickly and last ages. Even my boyfriend has purchased one of these as he kept using my one!

Repurchase? Definitely

Silvikrin Maximum Hairspray

If I'm being totally honest this is the only hairspray I have ever used. Like since the first time I started styling my hair. So I haven't got anything to compare it to. I promise I will start trying new stuff out but I just know that it works. It holds my hair in place all night. It does leave my hair crispy so if you don't like that look you may not like this.

Repurchase? Already have a million times but will probably keep a spare in my draw and try out new hairsprays in the meantime.

Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
Another staple I always have. I think the Simple range is great for sensitive skin and has never irritated my skin. I feel like you know you love a product when you buy travel version for holidays. Whenever my skin is having a bad day I will you this face wash and the next day my blemishes have calmed down.

Repurchase? Yes to keep in my draw for emergency use.

Colgate Max White One Mouthwash
I bought this because I saw Lauren Curtis use it in one of her videos and her teeth are amazing white. I didn't like this. At first it burnt my mouth and I wasn't expecting that so spat it out straight away. Tried it again after knowing what I was expecting and still I wasn't impressed. I felt that it left my teeth looking slightly blue and I had to use another teeth whitening toothpaste to remove it.

Repurchase? No

Rimmel Natural Bronzer
I think I may have the older version of this. Mine claimed that it was waterproof. I can confirmed after crying while wearing it that it is not waterproof. I did however like the colour of this as it was not orange at all and gave me a natural bronzed looked that was buildable. Lasted well as well in dry conditions. 

Repurchase? Yes

What have you used up recently?


  1. I love empties posts! :) I love the roll on dove, and it really sucks you burned your mouth with mouthwash, that is terrifying! :(

    1. It was a shock as I wasn't used to mouthwashes being that strong! xx


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