Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Busted - Pigs Can Fly Tour

Busted are back! I don't know about you but Busted were my first crush. Matt was my favourite and still is. When I heard they were doing a reunion tour I couldn't be more happy. Me and my sister never got to see them when we were younger so we made sure to get tickets this time round! People were saying 'really? You're going to see Busted' Erm yes! Don't act like you never air guitard to 'That's what I go to school for' and the 'Year 3000'.

Special Guests 

Emma Blackery 

I didn't know who Emma Blackery was but believe she is known from singing/vlogging on youtube. She wasn't a bit of me tbh but she did give it her all and gave a good show. Keep doing your thing girl!


Now I did know who these guys were. Of course they performed 'Teenage dirtbag' and the crowd went crazy, me and my sister included! 

Busted photos

Ahh they put on an amazing show. Matt was looking so hot. I'll keep it PG and say I wanted to lick his face but I think we all know what I would rather do to him. They performed all of there classic hits as well as some new music so expect to hear more from them in the future.

Thank you Busted for an amazing show!


  1. I went on the Friday. It was heartbreaking when they broke up! It was a great night glad you enjoyed yourself too! xx

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