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Cabrera - Lee Green

Cabrera menu

Although it's nice going for a meal up London sometimes it's nice to visit the local restaurants. I noticed that Cabrera had opened in Lee Green and saw it was a steak house. How nice would it be to have a good local steak house?! 

My mum recently got a new job so thought this was a perfect excuse to go out to eat. The person I spoke to on the phone booking was lovely and polite. However, tables were booking up fast. 

On arrival we were greeted quickly and show to our seats. Restaurant itself was small. Around ten tables. However, the decor was nice and considering the bad weather outside it was warm inside,

starter of bread, olives, pasties and sausages

For starters we decided to get the mixed platter. This included chorizo, empanadas, bread and olives. The empanasas were nice. Basically reminded me of a pasty. I would of preferred if the chorizo was cut up instead of whole. Everything was nice but think £12.50 was a bit on the pricey side considering.

steak with chips and creamy spinach

For mains we went for the 200g sirloin steak (£12.90) and for sides we went for creamed spinach (£3.50) and triple cooked chips (£4). Hmmm I have very mixed feelings about this main. The positives were that the steak was cooked perfectly, was the perfect size and tasted amazing. Unfortunately that's the only good thing I enjoyed. I was annoyed that you couldn't pick a sauce to go with the steak. They gave us chimichurri and pevre salsa. I didn't like it. I would of preferred a peppercorn sauce! Now the sides were the biggest let down. The chips were not triple cooked. There were hard. Not light and fluffy how the should be. And the creamy spinach.. Well this was bland and watery. I compared this to the one I got in Flat Iron and it just didn't compare at all. 

We skipped dessert because we were at the right amount of full. Satisfied but pleasant. I hate when you eat to much and then you just feel sick and it ruins the whole evening! 

I enjoyed my night but I wouldn't come back to Cabrera. There's other steak houses near me that are better. The little mistakes could be due to how new Cabrera is and I may try it again in the year to see if anything has improved but for now I will be spending my money elsewhere.



  1. My husband booked for mother's day as we have wanted to try this restaurant since it opened a couple of months ago.

    I had heard from friends that it is "ok" but wanted to make our own decision.

    Ordered starters ... one forgotten, just never arrived.
    Ordered mains. Wrong meal for child arrived, husbands meals (despite being specifically asked) still have parsnips on ... my mushrooms arrived - then five minutes later the steak arrived, at which point we were told that the spinach (which had been forgotten by the wait staff) would be another five minutes. Had to send steak and mushrooms back as all was getting cold.
    Correct meal for child arrived only to discover the chicken was RAW!!!! (if i had not insisted on cutting this up for her, she would have eaten without us knowing!!!)
    Asked for horseradish sauce four times .... each request met with blank stare from waitress who clearly had no idea what we wanted.
    Told that side dish of broccoli not possible as while on the menu as part of the roast meals it was saved in portion sizes and they could not "spare it" for a side dish off menu

    Lots of sorry and it never happens and so on and so fourth and then ...

    Irish coffee arrives with chucks in it (not making this up I assure you) where cream has soured.

    Enough was enough .....

    Serving staff appalling .... husband had finished meal by the time mine arrived having taken twenty minutes of one dish coming and others being sent back as all going cold - .... raw chicken for child's meal is just plain bloody dangerous .... cream that is soured.

    While they did not charge for child's meal and gave us £25 off the final bill ... and recognised that charging service was going to invite world war three I would never, ever, ever set foot back in the place - which is a shame as we are local, and visit the associated restaurants (Italian restaurant next door, and pizza restaurant also local) often. Hideous experience!!!

    1. I love the restaurant next door and I believe Cabrera was connected to it in some way so had high hopes. So glad you commented with you experience and I now know that the restaurant just isn't good regardless and wasn't because they just opened. Sorry to hear you experience wasn't what you hoped! x


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