Thursday, 8 June 2017

2017 Goals Update // 6 months later

6 months already in 2017 can you believe it? I know everyone says it but it is true, the years are going quicker!
So it's now 6 months on from when I first wrote my 2017 goals post and I thought now would be a good time to see how many of my goals I have completed (or just to actually remind myself the goals I set, oops).

Travel more - Well me and Joe have booked to go to Rhodes this year. Actually we are currently on the holiday or just come back depending when this post goes up! But that's all I've booked for this year so far. I am trying to convince my mates to go on one and me and Joe will book another one once he's back from his lads holiday. So this one I think is half complete.

Become more organised - I think I am getting better at this one. I use my diary a lot more and I'm keeping up with scheduling with my blog and Youtube. I'm also reorganised my room. Just need to keep it up for the rest of the year now.

Learn a new skill - Does learning to carry my shopping bags count as a skill? So far no new skills for me. However, I have started 2 new courses to advance my current administrator skills for work. Looking forward to them. 

Go for a spa day/weekend once a month - Well that was just wishful thinking wasn't it haha. Only been on one so far. My problem is I have no one that will do it with me and I'm to afraid to go to a treatment by myself. Maybe that should be a goal. Learn to do thing more independently.

Tick off one thing from my bucket list - Again another thing I haven't done or even thought about. Our holiday has really took a lot of my money so after this month I should be able to tick one of these.

Save money - I have actually got money in my savings account, woooo. But I recently for told that my parents are moving in 5 years so it's either get my own place or move far far away with my parents. So yeah saving is becoming a massive priority in my life!

Reach my following targets - I'm no where near any of my targets but I have been trying harder to keep my social media up to date and keeping to a schedule when posting. Especially Instagram.
Twitter - goal 4000 / currently at 2935
Instagram - goal 1000 / currently at 830
Youtube - goal 500 / currently at 275
Bloglovin' - goal 500 / currently at 307

Buy a new car - This one I actually have done. I actually got it back in January, youno New Year New Car isn't that the saying? It is nice to have a car not to worry about now. If you are wondering I got a Vauxhall Corsa Limited Edition in white. 

Luckily I still have 6 more months to complete my goals as I'm still a long way to completing them. Have you completed any of your 2017 goals?


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